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  • 28:36 Popular EPAVE (1943) - Jacques Yves Cousteau

    EPAVE (1943) - Jacques Yves Cousteau

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    The years of World War II were decisive for the history of diving. After the armistice of 1940, the family of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Simone Melchior, with whom he had two sons, Jean-Michel (born 1938) and Philippe (1940–1979), took refuge in Megève, where

  • 02:53 Popular Fond De La Mer: Initiation Plongée - 1957

    Fond De La Mer: Initiation Plongée - 1957

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  • 08:10 Popular Ghosts Of The Thistlegorm (Le Fantôme Du Thistlegorm) - 1955

    Ghosts Of The Thistlegorm (Le Fantôme Du Thistlegorm) - 1955

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    The SS Thistlegorm was a British armed Merchant Navy ship built in 1940 by Joseph Thompson & Son in Sunderland, England. She was armed with a 4.7-inch (120mm) anti-aircraft gun and a heavy calibre machine gun attached after construction to the stern of th

  • 06:15 Popular Jacques Cousteau à Propos Du Monde Du Silence - 1956

    Jacques Cousteau à Propos Du Monde Du Silence - 1956

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  • 15:00 Popular Les Océanautes: Le Commandant Cousteau - 1964

    Les Océanautes: Le Commandant Cousteau - 1964

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  • 24:16 Popular Mars Et Neptune - 1957

    Mars Et Neptune - 1957

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    Jacques Ertaud / Philippe Tailliez

  • 14:51 Popular Par 18 Mètres De Fond (18 Meters Deep) - 1942

    Par 18 Mètres De Fond (18 Meters Deep) - 1942

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    Frédéric Dumas was born on 14 January 1913 in Albi. A pioneer of underwater fishing on the French Riviera, Frédéric Dumas met Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Philippe Tailliez in 1937 and his exploits served as a subject in the first Cousteau film "Par dix-huit

  • 05:35 Popular Plongée Dans La Baie - 50's

    Plongée Dans La Baie - 50's

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    Ce film, réalisé en couleur par Julien Julia dans les années 50, est un véritable document. Il nous fait découvrir non seulement le matériel rudimentaire et les surprenantes « combinaisons » del'époque, mais nous offre de merveilleuses vues sous marines.

  • 27:34 Popular SEALAB I - 1964

    SEALAB I - 1964

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    SEALAB I was lowered off the coast of Bermuda in 1964 to a depth of 58 m (192 feet of seawater (fsw)) below the sea's surface. It was constructed from two converted floats and held in place with axles from railroad cars. The experiment involved four diver

  • 28:50 Popular SEALAB II - 1965

    SEALAB II - 1965

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    SEALAB II was launched in 1965, and unlike SEALAB I, it included hot showers and refrigeration. It was placed in the La Jolla Canyon off the coast of Scripps Institution of Oceanography/UCSD, in La Jolla, California, at a depth of 62 m (205-ft). On August

  • 30:09 Popular SEALAB III - 1969

    SEALAB III - 1969

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    SEALAB III used a refurbished SEALAB II habitat, but was placed in water three times as deep. Five teams of nine divers were scheduled to spend 12 days each in the habitat, testing new salvage techniques and conducting oceanographic and fishery studies. P

  • 07:38 Popular Vintage Diving School

    Vintage Diving School

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    Nice video of vintage diving!



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