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This regulator was made by Regulatory Delfin Diving Club from 1966-67.

The regulator was copied from the 1-stage Mistral by Gyozo Pric in 1962-63 in Hungary to the MHS (Hungarian Defense Sports Federation) in 1959-60 on the La Spirotechnique equipment and then copied to Delfin Diving Club approx. 10 in numbered series and some numberless remanufactured copies.








Ferenc Farkas made the Pioneer in 1959 based on the copy of Spirotechnique 2 stage regulator, what was the first Hungarian double hose regulator to the Hungarian Defense Sports Federation (MHS) - 1959-1960. Ferenc Farkas has developed and established the FERFA regulator series. The last regulator was the FERFA 6 made in 1963-64. This was the sixth and the last one serie. Ferenc Farkas made six different series from 1 to 6. The FERFA 6 was made in 50 numbered series numbers for the Hungarian Army. 

The CG-45 Collection owns the 14th one.





In 1969, the Hungarian Defense Soprt Federation (MHSZ) was created by its own military sports diving clubs.The regulator MHSZ-69 is a copy of La Spirotechnique Royal Mistral and were made about 100 regulators;

The CG-45 Collection owns #042 and # 065.


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FERFA 6 #014

MHSZ-69 #42

MHSZ-69 #065

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